Check TON transactions and manage risks

TON Guard is the first cloud-based solution for the TON blockchain, leveraging AI-driven tools to analyze wallets and transactions. Reduce manual efforts, financial risks, and protect your business's reputation.

Game-Changing Solution

The platform is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that continuously optimize and enhance its capabilities.

  • Real-time data
  • Detailed wallet
  • Data-driven
  • Fast API

Evaluate risks better

Discover effective detection of suspicious TON blockchain
transactions with our solutions.


  • How is risk level determined in your system?

    The risk level is determined by evaluating multiple factors, such as transaction history, wallet behavior, and known fraudulent patterns. It provides insights into the likelihood of wallet involvement in dishonest activities within the TON blockchain.

  • What kind of data sources does your system utilize for risk assessment?

    TON Guard leverages a variety of data sources for risk assessment. This includes transaction data from the TON blockchain, information provided by our clients' compliance departments, and open-source data about blockchain addresses, wallet types, and more. By incorporating multiple data sources, the accuracy and efficiency of the systemic risk assessment process are increased.

  • How often is the risk assessment updated in your system?

    The system provides real-time risk assessment updates. As new transactions occur on the TON blockchain, developed algorithms continuously analyze and update the risk scores associated with wallets. This ensures that you have the latest information for well-informed decisions and swift actions.

  • Can your system integrate with existing compliance and AML processes within my organization?

    TON Guard is designed to integrate with existing compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) processes by API and in personal accounts. It can work in conjunction with your organization's compliance departments, providing valuable insights to support risk management and regulatory compliance efforts.

  • What should I do if my wallet has been assigned a high-risk level by your system, but I haven't engaged in any illegal activities?

    If your wallet has been assigned a high-risk level by TON Guard, it's important to understand that it indicates a probability of fraudulent activity rather than a confirmation of illegal involvement. We recommend contacting our support team via email at [email protected] to review the assessment, provide any additional information, and address any concerns you may have.